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Hi GSRA Board members.

I’m reaching out to you on behalf of NCRF’s work with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP). I’m not sure if you’re familiar with either NCRF or VHP, so I wanted to provide a quick intro. NCRF is the charitable arm of NCRA, and we have many programs including student scholarships, Legal Education, and our Oral Histories program. As part of our Oral Histories program, we have partnered with several organizations to have court reporters transcribe oral histories from these organizations’ collections, including the VHP’s collection of interviews with veterans about their wartime experience. In addition to transcribing pre-recorded interviews from the VHP collections, we have many court reporters who will conduct and transcribe interviews of veterans on their own, and others who will host events to interview multiple veterans at a time, called VHP Days. NCRA members can earn Professional Development Credits for their participation.


Because of our partnership with the VHP, I received an interesting request from a woman, Susan Caolo, in Kennesaw, Georgia. She is conducting a project over the next couple of months with the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, where she is interviewing local veterans (WWII to present) as part of the history of Kennesaw, and will also be submitting the interviews to the Library of Congress. She is seeking my help to find local court reporters who could help transcribe the interviews. She said there has been a tremendous number of veterans who would like to be interviewed, so I think this will be a high profile project in the area.


I was curious if GSRA might be interested in partnering with this project to help transcribe these interviews. There seems to be a lot of flexibility in terms of transcribing from a recording, transcribing a one-on-one interview, or even setting up a VHP Day at the battlefield or a local American Legion post to interview multiple veterans throughout an event. Before I reached out to Georgia reporters individually, I thought this might be something that GSRA might want to get involved in as an organization.


If you have any interest, I can put you in touch with Susan so she can explain some more of the specifics about her project.

Thanks so much for your consideration!


April Weiner, MBA
Foundation Manager
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