Letter from the President

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Let’s Make GSRA Great Again! Looking Out For You In 2017!

As the new president of GSRA, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Rhonda Eubanks. I, like you, am a working reporter. I work for a judge in Cobb County Superior Court.

A new year is around the corner. And it brings with it lots of changes and maybe even challenges. To kick off our 2017 agenda, I want to take this time to challenge you, our GSRA membership, to help make GSRA great again. GSRA needs you. We need to build our membership and stay dedicated to supporting our association that helps to protect our careers. Look back at 2014-2015 and what we overcame with fighting for ourselves and our jobs with the new guidelines that came down from the Court Reporting Matters Committee. No, not everyone was happy with the new guidelines. But coming together like we did saved us from what could have been. Secondly, the legislature has been quiet with regard to court reporting this year, and that is because it was an election year. GSRA needs to up its game now more than ever. I truly believe we need to keep our legislative lobbyist, Brad Carver with Hall Booth Smith, employed to keep his eyes out for us and our careers. The majority of the 50 states have a court reporting association lobbyist, if not a dedicated person that keeps their eyes on what’s going on with the legislature and any bills being proposed. I ask each of you to make a donation to GSRA’s Defense Fund to help employ our lobbyist again for this upcoming session. Any amount will help us reach our goal to accomplish this. Possibly even think about making a smaller donation every month to make it feel more affordable.

In the meantime, GSRA is also updating its Website. I’d like to make sure there is more interaction with members so you know GSRA is also there for you. Soon there will be a question-and- answer block on the Website so members can email in questions and have them answered. There may be a polling of members to learn things from other court reporters around the state. I would also like to have members email GSRA what you would like to see on our Website and give us suggestions and ideas. Your creative thoughts and opinions matter.

Finally, please take this time to browse the Board members page and see who your new Board members are and where they come from. Coming up soon are our membership drive and announcement of our upcoming Spring 2017 seminar. Renew your GSRA membership as soon as you can and encourage your colleagues to do so also. Strength comes in numbers. Together, we can!

Your President

Rhonda Eubanks, CCR, RPR