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2017 Pending Notary Legislative Bills Part I

Below you will find notary legislative bills that are currently pending in your state and that may become law in 2017.  It is of the utmost importance that you follow the progress of these bills through the legislative process so that you can be informed of current notary laws.  Please contact your state legislators, the bills’ sponsors, and the committee members to voice your concerns if you think the pending notary bills in your state will have a negative impact on your office of notary public. Please email us at sales@usnotaries.com for more details on how to oppose a bill.


Georgia: HB 120. This bill enacts Revised Georgia Law on Notarial Acts of 2018. Georgia doesn’t entirely replace its notary statutes with this act but reenacts some of its existing statutes. This bill prescribes significant provisions relating to notaries public such as: (a) requiring new applicants and renewing notaries to take a course of study, pass an examination, and provide a criminal background check prior to applying for a notary public commission; (b) requiring notaries to maintain a journal of every notarial act performed; (c) requiring notaries to add to their official seal their commission expiration date and their assigned commission number; and (d) allowing notaries to perform electronic notarial acts provided that they perform these types of notarizations prescribed by law.