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CaptionQuest is a hands-on CART/Captioning course taught by Heidi Thomas at Brown College.  Only ten slots are available for this course.  This course is being offered on the following dates:  7/8, 7/29, 8/19, 9/9, 9/23, and 10/7.  These dates may change to accommodate and customize the needs of the class/instructor.




For decades, Court Reporters as a whole have enjoyed a profession that is nearly recession-proof and a professional skill that is always in demand, and this has allowed reporters to be able to provide a very good living for themselves and their families.  It is hard work, no doubt there, but what profession is not?  Court reporters have been at the top of the food chain for so long, it is easy to not look to the future and prepare for it. Make no mistake about it, we have survived and thrived because of one thing our profession knows more than many others, change comes and it comes quick.  Who would have thought five years ago that clients would be receiving testimony from a direct feed wirelessly going out to an iPad, or other devices, as is commonplace in many areas of our state and the country?  But here it is, and along with it, incredible opportunity. However, our long-term future lies in providing services in the CART captioning and broadcast captioning fields.  Take the time to read what is going on with court reporters around the county and what court reporters in some states are going through regarding the court reporting profession. Some states are strong, and others face serious issues with ER and other competitors attempting to replace us or take a bigger piece of the market that we have always dominated.

Georgia has always demanded quality work from its professional reporters, and, as a whole, has enjoyed prosperity in the reporting field because we have embraced and aggressively promoted realtime in our state.  But this does not address the future.


Our future lies beyond the courts and deposition market we cover.  These are great positions to hold in our profession, but we need to prepare for the future.  EVERYBODY thinks globally now.  Just Google most any company, and they have the word GLOBAL in their mission statement for services they offer.


Who has found out the hard way what the future can bring? Blockbuster…… does anyone remember them? Eastman Kodak…… In their prime they held 90 percent of the market in their field.  Does that sound a lot like the court reporting profession? Borders…… I wonder if they laughed when Amazon started out?   Well, all we know is one is dead and the other is thriving.


These are three companies that I mention because it is easy to read about where they went wrong.  Their extinction in the marketplace was swift and brutal.  But you know what is really sad?  They all had crossroads where they could have made a decision to embrace the future, and keep growing and changing, instead of thinking they were the future.  They could have looked at what their competitors were doing and the trends that were taking place and dominated those trends.  But weak leadership, complacency, and just a vision that can only be described as pathetic destroyed them. Will that be us?   No… or maybe yes.


We must be futurists and futuristic in our thinking.  There is one clear path that is in front of us every time we turn on a TV.  Broadcast captioning and CART captioning.


GSRA is offering our next CAPTION QUEST class to all machine reporters in the state to make sure that, though work may be going well today, you will be able to start now to begin to build a skill that may become a viable option in the future, or even today.


The class will cost $969, and will focus on the transition into the CART Captioning industry.  Let me be clear right now:  That is peanuts.  That fee covers the expenses  of our extraordinary instructor and our state-of-the-art venue.  The class will be taught by Heidi Thomas, one of the first captioners in the country, and held at Brown College on the dates listed below.  For $969 you get six classes.  Each class is five hours long.  That’s less than $33 per hour.


Participation is limited to 10 per class so there can be lots of individual attention and hands-on learning.  Several GSRA board members, along with others, took the first series of classes as a pilot project, and it was a fantastic experience.


I hope one day in the next few years we have reporters in the state and country that not only do depo work or court work or CART captioning/broadcast captioning work, but can do all of it and can pick and choose what works best for them as they do all that work.  Why not do depos, court, CART captioning, and broadcast captioning all at the same time, or focus on one at a time, but have the choice of which one? That is the future, regardless of the present.


Come join us.  Seriously, for the price you pay to stop by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee over the year, you can take this class.  It is your future.  We look forward to seeing who accepts the challenge to control their own future.  This is a great first step.


CaptionQuest will be taught by Heidi Thomas at Brown College on the following dates:   6/3, 6/17, 7/1, 7/15, 7/29, 8/12.  These dates may change to accommodate and customize the needs of the class/instructor.  Brown College is located at 1100 Spring Street, Suite 101, Atlanta GA 30309. CAPTIONQUEST:  Come join us!  Call GSRA at 404-405-1942 or email us at to inquire further.  To register, click on the red Payment Form button at the top.


Looking out for your future,

GSRA Board