An update from the GCRA

From the President Comments Off on An update from the GCRA

It is a very thrilling time to be working with the Board of Directors of this Association. We have a number of exciting developments happening and thought you might appreciate an update regarding our efforts.

At our first Board meeting as GCRA we enjoyed conversations about administrative business, our web presence, and upcoming events. We designated Directors to lead our Legislative, Bylaws, and Public Relations committees, and we discussed the buzz around the NCRA A to Z program going on in Athens right now and the one starting at the end of this month in Atlanta.

While there is a great deal of work ongoing in each of these domains, I wanted to invite all of our members and contacts who have an interest in supporting our NCRA A to Z programs with machine donations, by posting announcements in your area, or by volunteering to be a guest speaker at an upcoming session to please do so. I’ve attached a flyer advertising our upcoming session that our Board members have begun posting around the metro Atlanta area. Please feel free to share it with anyone you suspect might have an interest in the program.

And lastly, please be patient with us as we are in the process of developing a new website to serve and empower the membership of GCRA over the coming years. We are hard at work on aligning our online presence with our new moniker and branding, and we look forward to deploying these new features to better connect our members with each other, with leaders in the industry, and with students eager to find mentors.

Keep an eye out for our membership renewal email in the next few weeks!

-Matthew Moss, President
Georgia Court Reporters Association