2017 GSRA Membership

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2017 GSRA Membership Renewal

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Thank you for your continued support in GSRA.   As we move forward in 2017, it is that time of year to renew your membership. GSRA is committed to working with court reporters around the state as we move forward spreading the word about our future in this industry.  GSRA urges you to attend our seminars and conferences, visit our ever-changing website, and keep abreast of all that your association has to offer.


Renew your membership today. Your financial contributions truly are vital to our existence, but so is your membership – just knowing that you support what we are doing keeps us going. Be a part of your future.  GSRA’s connection with you is of utmost importance. Court reporting in Georgia is undergoing a transition, and we are committed as your professional organization to bring you the most current, up-to-date information.  We urge you to spread the word about GSRA and the important changes being implemented.  Join today and secure your place in court reporting as GSRA moves into a new era in Georgia.


Sign up now, as space is limited, for our 2017 Seminar to be held March 11 – 12.  We will focus on improving our skills and knowledge and acquiring a clear vision for our future.  This year our speakers are: Lisa Knight, Margie Wakeman Wells, Dom Tursi, Tom Watkins, and Amanda Hardin.  See the full schedule on our Seminar page to read their bios. The skilled reporter will always control their future.
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20/20 Vision!
Rhonda Eubanks
GSRA President